How Is Piper Palin Coping With Her Mom's Frenzied Tour?

ABC News' Sheila Marikar ( @sheilaym ) reports from Portsmouth, N.H.:

As Sarah Palin charges up the northeast coast with hoards of media and spectators biting at her heels, it's hard not to wonder:

What does Piper Palin think of all this?

Reason would suggest that the average 10-year-old wouldn't want to be swamped by masses of strangers during her summer vacation, interrupting her soaking up of American history by asking her mom questions like "When are you going to decide if you're running for President?" and "What's Donald Trump's favorite kind of pizza?"

While the Palin gang was more robust at the start of her "One Nation" tour -- Palin's husband, Todd, and middle daughter, Willow, came along to early stops -- now, it appears Piper is the lone child among her mother and her grandparents, Chuck and Sally Heath.

To be sure, a tour of the monuments that made America would be beneficial to any 10-year-old, and no one can fault a mom for wanting companionship with her daughter on a memorable jaunt (Palin has waxed poetic about her love of traveling with her children in the past, and brought Piper along on many trips during her time as governor of Alaska).

Today in Boston, Piper served another purpose too. While a park ranger spoke to the family about the history behind the Bunker Hill monument, Palin used Piper's back to sign autographs for starstruck schoolchildren.

Later, rushing to get into an SUV, Palin seemed to neglect to thank the Bunker Hill park rangers. Piper stepped in, grabbing her mother's attention to show them gratitude.

For better or for worse, it appears the Palin family vacation/campaign-like tour/media scavenger hunt is coming to an end. The "One Nation Tour" is now in New Hampshire, where the family is due at a clambake this evening. Palin didn't respond when ABC News asked where she's going after New Hampshire, the most anticipated stop of her trip.

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