Jon Huntsman's Campaign Raises $4.1 Million in Second Quarter

ABC News' Sarah Kunin reports:

Jon Huntsman’s campaign says they raised $4.1 million in the second quarter, ABC News has learned.

A campaign source confirmed the number, and noted that they will not file with Federal Election Commission on July 15.

Huntsman is able to bypass the filing process because of his late declaration date.

The campaign source also confirmed that a portion of the money was donated by Huntsman himself, though it is less than half of the $4.1 million total.

None of the money raised came from Huntsman’s Horizon PAC.

In an email sent to Huntsman’s supporters at noon today, campaign manager Susie Wiles noted that the former Utah governor was only $20,000 away from hitting his goal of raising $200,000 online.

“As we've worked our way across the country throughout the past week we have heard from supporters in New Hampshire concerned about reckless government spending; young people in Florida who want to know if they work hard in school they will be able to get decent jobs; and gun owners in Reno who worry about their second amendment rights,” Wiles wrote, as she appealed to supporters.

“It's time to fix this country. We're building the momentum we need to connect with voters in early primary states and grow this campaign. But we can't let up...not even for a moment. We need your urgent help today to help demonstrate our fundraising strength and grassroots organization."0

Huntsman has spent the past 9 days traveling around the country, hosting fundraisers and meeting with potential constituents.

The campaign earned $1.2 million on his first day as an official candidate. He concludes his trip tonight with a fundraiser on New York City’s Upper East Side.

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