Mark Halperin Suspended From Talk Show After Calling President “A Dick”

Reporter and author Mark Halperin has been suspended as an analyst from MSNBC after calling President Obama “a dick” this morning on the cable networks’ Morning Joe program. “Mark Halperin’s comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the President, The White House and all of our viewers. We strive for a high level of discourse and comments like these have no place on our air. Therefore, Mark will be suspended indefinitely from his role as an analyst,” the MSNBC statement read. Halperin’s remark was not entirely spontaneous – as he and the anchors bantered before he responded to their question about the President’s performance at yesterday’s press conference. After being assured by hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Bryzenski that the show was on a seven second delay, designed to bleep out offensive language, Halperin said about the President “I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday.” Halperin, a longtime employee of ABC News before moving to Time Magazine and authoring the best selling book “Game Change,” seemed to regret his statement about the President almost immediately and released a statement of apology to the President. “I completely agree with everything in MSNBC’s statement about my remark. I believe that the step they are taking in response is totally appropriate. Again, I want to offer a heartfelt and profound apology to the President, to my MSNBC colleagues, and to the viewers. My remark was unacceptable, and I deeply regret it,” Halperin said.

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