Mr. Nice Guy Takes a Shot at Romney

ABC News' Jonathan Karl ( @jonkarl ) reports:

Mr. Nice Guy Jon Huntsman avoided attacks on President Obama as he kicked off his presidential campaign, but it didn’t take long for him to fire his first shot of his presidential campaign at one his Republican rivals.

Huntsman told ABC News that Mitt Romney “has little credibility” on health care.

The comment came in an interview for the ABC News Subway Series with Jonathan Karl aboard his campaign plane.

“If you’re talking about free market health care, the kind we did in Utah, and the kind that is needed in this country, then he has little credibility,” Huntsman said. “Little credibility based on the model that was created in Massachusetts.”

But even as he made his first attack as a presidential candidate, he did so more gently than his fellow Republican candidates, saying he would not say Romney is a “co-conspirator on Obamacare” as Tim Pawlenty has said.

“I’m not going to use someone else’s language,” Huntsman said. “People can see it for what it is and make their own informed decision.”

Huntsman predicts health care will be a “huge” issue in the campaign because uncertainty about the new health care law is acting as a drag on the economy.

“It’s creating, I think, a lot of uncertainty in the business world and causing a lot of people not to get active and involved and invest at a time when we need investment desperately,” Huntsman said.

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