Sarah Palin Calls Emails 'Benign and Boring,' Says Weiner's 'Impotent'

ABC News' Sheila Marikar ( @SheilaYM ) reports:

In her first television appearance since the release of 25,000 emails from her term as Alaska governor , Sarah Palin said she hopes “folks learned a lot” from the “benign and boring” messages.

“It certainly shows the priorities in what was once a respected cornerstone of our democracy, our mainstream media,” she said on Fox Business Network’s “Freedom Watch” Thursday night, talking about the coverage of the email release.

“I hope folks who read the emails learned a lot about oil and gas policy,” she added. “I hope people who read the emails understood why I opposed Obama’s stimulus package."

She said the correspondence detailed her work on fish and game conservation, protecting second amendment rights and ethics reform before concluding, “I hope folks learned a lot from these, I guess sort of benign and boring emails."

Palin also weighed in on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Thursday resignation from Congress, saying he made himself “impotent” by spreading lewd photos on the Internet.

“Anthony Weiner, from henceforth after his personal indiscretions were disclosed, he was going to be rendered impotent basically in Congress and he wasn’t going to be effective,” she said. “So obviously [resigning] was the right thing to do. Day late dollar short, though. I think he should have resigned when all of this came to light.”

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