Switcheroo: Has John Thune Changed His Mind About Running for President?

ABC's Sara Just reports: When we last heard from Sen. John Thune it was back in February when he announced that he would not be running for president , opting instead to stay in the “trenches” of the Senate. Maybe the trenches are not as appealing now that summer has arrived? At least that’s what conservative commentator Bill Kristol is saying. Kristol told C-Span that Thune is giving the whole topic a re-think. Kristol: He (Thune) was sort of the more, establishment favorite of the senators. C-Span’s Steve Scully: He’s thinking he might get in the race? Kristol: That’s what I’ve been told. He’s close to Mitch McConnell. Now we’ll see. I think a lot of this depends if there is a huge vacuum. If Romney seems to fall through, if Pawlenty doesn’t take off, if neither Perry nor Bachmann seem like they’re getting majority support. There will be a big vacuum in September. Someone could get in. And Thune would like to do it. Interesting. We want to know – is Kristol’s reporting correct? Is the Senator floating the concept with the hopes of gaining a VP nod? And what does this mean abou t Mike Pence ’s decision not to run? Watch the C-Span interview:

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