DNC Raises $34.6M in Second Quarter with Obama Help

ABC News Devin Dwyer ( @devindwyer ) reports:

The Democratic National Committee today reported raising $34.6 million during the second quarter, roughly two thirds of which was raised with help from President Obama.

The DNC directly collected $14.2 million during April, May and June from individual donors, the Federal Election Commission filings show.

In the same period, the DNC received $20.5 million via the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account that funnels money to both the Obama campaign and the party.

Obama headlined at least 35 joint fundraisers for the Fund this year, helping drive donations to help both organizations.

The first $5,000 of an individual’s contribution flowed to the campaign; the rest went to the DNC, up to $30,800 for the year, the legal limit.

Of the Obama campaign’s reported $46 million second quarter total, the Obama Victory Fund contributed $12.75 million.

The Republican National Committee has not yet released its quarterly fundraising totals, but has previously reported raising $12.2 million in April and May combined.

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