Pawlenty Runs into Trouble with Use of 'Miracle on Ice' Footage in New TV Ad

ABC News' Matthew Jaffe ( @ matthewbjaffe ) reports:

Miracle on Ice? Try Mess-up on Air.

In his new TV ad "The American Comeback" Tim Pawlenty hoped to position himself as a tenacious underdog by using footage of the famous US hockey victory in the "Miracle on Ice," but so far he has only run into problems.

ABC Sports, who retains the rights to the "Miracle on Ice" footage, did not authorize its use by the Pawlenty campaign and believes the campaign has committed a copyright violation.

"We would never authorize the use of our proprietary material for use in a campaign for any candidate," said Louise Argianas, a spokesperson for ABC Sports.

Pawlenty spokesman Alex Conant says in a statement: "All of our campaign television advertising is carefully reviewed by the campaign's lawyers to ensure compliance with the copyright laws, the federal election laws, and other legal provisions. The campaign's "Miracle on Ice" advertisement was carefully reviewed for legal compliance and we believe fully complies with the "fair use" doctrine. We respect ABC's concern and look forward to responding to their inquiry."

In addition, Pawlenty's ad features the US team's captain Mike Eruzione. Eruzione, though, doesn't support Pawlenty - he supports Mitt Romney.

Watch the ad HERE.

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