Reid Begins Process to Move his Debt Plan, But Doesn’t File Cloture

ABC News' Sunlen Miller ( @sunlenmiller ) reports:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., did not file cloture, as expected, on his debt plan Monday night on the Senate floor, which means that there will not be a midweek vote on his proposal.

Instead Reid used a procedural move called “filling the tree” which blocks Republicans from offering amendments to his plan. It is in essence a procedural lock which sets up a vote later in the week, without a specific deadline and may have been used to force Speaker of the House John Boehner’s plan to be voted on in the House first.

“We have put into process our efforts, sound legislation to end the budget crisis we’re in. It in effect does everything the Republicans have asked,” Reid said on the Senate floor this evening, “virtually everything we have in there has been suggested by the Republicans. And now they need to take yes for an answer. Give a yes.”

This evening Reid convened meeting this evening at 6 p.m. with the Democratic caucus in which he briefed his fellow Democrats about his plan. Leaving the meeting tonight, Senate Democrats appeared to be trying to show a united front in support of Reid’s plan.

Senator Conrad, D-N.D., said that the Reid plan was received “extremely well” by the caucus.

"The Reid plan is a realistic way forward," Conrad said. "And you know there's obviously got to be at some point further agreement."

“We’re going to pass ours,” Senator Durbin, D-Ill. said. "That’s our goal….there’s a feeling now that we have to stand together.”

Can it get 60 votes to pass, though?

“Well it depends on the Republicans,” Durbin said. “It still comes down to that.”

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