Democratic Rep. On Reid Plan: 'Going to very, very hard for Democrats in the House' to Support.

ABC News' Amy Walter ( @amyewalter ) reports:

President Obama may be endorsing Majority Leader Harry Reid’s debt ceiling proposal, but the plan isn’t likely to get a warm embrace by House Democrats.

In an interview with ABC News’ Top Line today, freshman Democratic Rep. Karen Bass (CA) said she thought that the proposal by Sen. Reid that asks for spending cuts, but no new revenues, is “going to be very, very hard for Democrats in the House,” to support said Bass.

“The bottom line for us, “ said Bass, “is a balanced approach. If you’re going to have cuts, you’re going to have to find some ways to raise revenues.”

“I think it's going to be hard to get Democratic votes if it's not a balanced approach and I think it's also going to be important to see how many Republican votes come to the table you know I feel for Speaker Boehner. Frankly, I think that his caucus should allow him to negotiate the best deal they shouldn't hold him hostage either.”

Even so, the former Speaker of the California Assembly, who knows a little something about budget crises and last minute debt deals, is optimistic that a deal is reached.

“I think a deal gets done,” said Bass. “I think it might wait until the last minute and sometimes in a situation like this it blows up before it comes back together,” said Bass, “so even though we are a few days away I'm going to be optimistic the deal will be done.”

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