Sarah Palin to Give Keynote at Iowa Tea Party Rally Over Labor Day Weekend

ABC News’ Shushannah Walshe ( @shushwalshe)and Sheila Marikar ( @sheilaym) report: Sarah Palin will give a keynote address at an Iowa Tea Party rally on Sept. 3, ABC News has learned.

Three separate sources confirmed to ABC News that the former Alaska governor accepted an invitation to keynote a Waukee, Iowa rally held by the Tea Party of America, an Iowa-based political action committee that was founded in May.

The appearance was first reported by Real Clear Politics.

The Sept. 3 trip will be Palin’s second visit to the key election state this year. She attended the Pella, Iowa premiere of the documentary about her, “The Undefeated,” in June. Her keynote speech will fall two days after "The Undefeated” gets released on Pay-Per-View and video-on-demand.

A tea party insider with knowledge of the rally said the timing is not a coincidence: “Labor Day weekend is the traditional kick off to political campaigns, [and] it’s going to be all Sarah all the time.”

The same source pointed out that Palin has “sucked the news cycles of three major summer holidays” because her “One Nation” bus tour launched Memorial Day weekend, “The Undefeated” premiered ahead of July 4 th weekend, and this event falls on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

Palin will likely cement her role in the 2012 election in the coming weeks. In a Fox News appearance earlier this month, she acknowledged that the deadline to get into the presidential race is fast approaching, saying that by "August, of course, you have to be laying out a plan if you're going to be one to throw your hat in the ring."

Whether a decision will be made about her political future at this event is still unknown, but the tea party insider says he believes this is either “a roll out for her run” or her attempt “to take the lead of the tea party.”

Peter Singleton is a volunteer who has almost single handedly laid the groundwork for Palin’s potential campaign in Iowa. In 2010, he started the group Organizing4Palin, leaving behind his attorney job and family in California to convince Iowans to get ready to caucus for Palin, even though he has no idea if she will run.

“My guess, and it’s not based on any knowledge, I just can’t see her sitting out this election,” he told ABC News. “She is a citizen leader. I can’t see her sitting this one out.”

Singleton called the Sept. 3 address a “big event” and said his volunteers will be at the event. If she runs, as he hopes she will, he predicts victory: “No one will outwork Sarah Palin, no will out work the Palin base.”

Susan Geddes, the event coordinator for the Tea Party of America, told ABC News that despite only being established in May, she found it easy to get Palin to sign on to the September event.

“We asked and her schedule was available,” Geddes said. “It’s really that simple.”

The group anticipates a large crowd at the free event – they’re advising attendees to “bring lawn chairs.” Palin is expected to speak about “the state the country is in,” in her keynote, but the whole event will not be devoted to her. Geddes said the goal of the rally is to educate like minded Iowans on how to get conservatives elected.

“If you are someone that has never gotten involved politically, you will know what to do by the end of the event,” she said.

Palin is still expected to launch the second leg of her “One Nation” bus tour this summer. This event could be her launching pad to get back on the road.

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