Tweet Goes the Campaign

ABC News’ Emily Friedman ( @EmilyABC ) reports:

Tweet goes the campaign, again.

Just a few days after their last Twitter spat, the Obama campaign and the Romney campaign are at it again.

President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign advisor David Axelrod tweeted this afternoon, “Romney does it again! Turns "cut, cap and balance" into "punt, pass and kick" by refusing to commit to numbers.

Axelrod is referring to a quote in the Wall Street Journal article he links to in his tweet in which a Romney aide says that the former governor has not specified a level for the spending cap. Romney has said he supports the pledge.

Shortly after Axelrod’s tweet, Romney’s senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom shot back, “It's too bad President Obama isn't as good at creating jobs as @davidaxelrod is at creating diversions.”

Last week Axelrod ribbed the Romney campaign when he tweeted, “Anyone heard from Mitt Romney lately? Where is he on McConnell plan? On the debt talks? On the impact of a default? Why so quiet?”

Fehrnstrom fired back: “I have a question for @davidaxelrod : Where are the jobs? We're not just on wrong track; it feels like we're tied to the tracks.”

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