Twitter Tiff: Karl Rove, Claire McCaskill Spar Days After Rove's Ads Air Against Her

ABC News' Amy Bingham reports:

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and Republican strategist Karl Rove bumped into each other at the St. Louis Airport this afternoon, just 10 days after Rove launched an ad campaign targeting the senator .

“Just gave Karl Rove a wave & friendly hi in St Louis airport. Even tho he's up on TV distorting my record, still wanted to show good manners.” McCaskill, D-Mo., tweeted around 2 pm Monday.

Rove replied about an hour later, tweeting “Saw @clairecmc @ St Louis airport - she waved but wasn’t happy. Must be @crossroadsgps ads on her bad votes/broken promises 2 cut spending.”

The ad was part of a $20 million ad buy from Crossroad GPS, a conservative group linked to Rove. The 30-second spot opens with a clip of McCaskill saying, “The debt is a real problem. The deficit is a real problem.”

Then a narrator says, “Oh really senator? You voted for skyrocketing debt, the failed stimulus and Obamacare.”

McCaskill is one of five Democratic senators targeted by the Crossroads GPS ads. The group unveiled today that it will target 10 House Democrats in a new buy that totals $1.4 million. The ad aim to negatively impact public perception of Democrats’ stance on on the debt and deficit.

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