Blast from Perry's Past: Rick Perry Signs 1966 Yearbook of Paint Creek Classmate

ABC News' Arlette Saenz ( @arlettesaenz ) and Michael Falcone ( michaelpfalcone ) report: WALCOTT, IOWA - Rick Perry ran into a familiar face at his event in Walcott, Iowa Tuesday when a classmate from Paint Creek asked him to sign their 1966 yearbook. Becky Roe from Cole Valley, Illinois came to the event at Iowa 80 to ask the presidential candidate to sign his autograph next to his picture, and Perry obliged. Perry was selected as a "class favorite" his sophomore year, and Roe showed ABC News a picture of Perry sitting in a garbage can. Perry pointed out his football picture which showed him wearing the number 17 while posing as a quarterback. "We played six man football so its kind of different rules," Perry said. "Yes sir, I was the quarterback, but it's just another guy in the backfield." The Texas governor was a sophomore while Roe was in the third grade. Paint Creek is so small that the elementary, middle and high schools were all combined. "It was a very little area. Everybody knew everybody," Roe said. Roe said she's looking forward to vote for Perry in the presidential election.

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