Colbert SuperPAC Releases Second Ad for Rick Parry, Features Buttery Corn

ABC News’ Arlette Saenz ( @arlettesaenz ) reports:

Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC continued its endorsement of Rick Parry today by releasing a new ad , this time featuring buttery corn as an enticement.

“Iowa a land of good people who can make up their own minds. But outside groups like Jobs for Iowa SuperPAC are trying to pander to Iowans with pro-Perry ads featuring cheap cornography that your kids could see, just so you’ll vote for Rick Perry in the Ames straw poll.”

“But Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow believe that Iowans deserve better and we’re gonna give it to ya. We’re getting all up in those niblets. Oh yea,” the ad says as images of butter dripping on corn appear across the screen.

“On August 13, write-in Rick Parry, that’s Parry with an A for America, with an A for Iowa.”

The first Colbert SuperPAC advertisement for Rick Parry was released Wednesday.

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