Debt Deal: The Vibe

ABC News' Jonathan Karl ( @jonkarl ) reports:

Talking with members wandering out of the meetings of House Democrats (with Vice President Joe Biden) and House Republicans (with House Speaker John Boehner) the unmistakable vibe is this: Republicans are much more positive about the debt deal than Democrats.

The meetings, by the way, went much longer than expected. There is clearly a lot of venting going on from both sides.

The tide may be turning on the Republican side. Despite some loud objections about defense cuts and from Tea Partiers, my sense is that most Republicans think Boehner got a pretty good deal. No whip count yet, but some are suggesting that the Republican "no" votes could be closer to 40 than 100.

Even conservative Louie Gohlmert, who hates this bill, grumpily told me he thinks most of his colleagues will vote for it.

Democrats, however, seem considerably more unhappy with this " sugar-coated Satan sandwich " ...

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