Former Bachmann Consultant Starts Pro-Bachmann Super PAC

ABC News' Amy Walter ( @amyewalter ) reports:

Political consultant Ed Brookover, who has served as a Michele Bachmann’s strategist since 2006, has established a Super PAC to help support her candidacy.

Brookover told ABC News that his goal for the group - Citizens for a Working America - is “to be real participants in the process” and to “help her in the states” that are key to winning the primary.

This PAC was first formed in September of 2010 raised and spent about $260,000 that year. It will now be dedicated solely to helping Bachmann.

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and veteran Republican strategist and former Reagan Administration official Marc Nuttle are also involved in this group.

A Super PAC can raise and spend unlimited funds to advocate for or against candidates, but are banned from coordinating with candidates or parties. They are required to disclose their donors with the FEC.

This is the third Super PAC established by a former staff member of a presidential candidate. Former Romney staffers Carl Forti, Charlie Spies, and Larry McCarthy helped form the pro-Romney group, Restore Our Future. And, two former aides of President Obama’s, Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney, have started a Super PAC called Priorities USA. At the end of June, Restore Our Future had raised over $12M, Priorities USA had raised $5M.

Brookover didn’t know if they can hit the $12M mark in their first six months in existence (they are required to file with the FEC at the end of the year), but he said he expects that the PAC will “have enough money to help Michele Bachmann.”

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