Jon Huntsman vs. The DNC: Dueling Video Showdown

ABC News’ Sarah Kunin (@sarah_kunin) reports: Jon Huntsman’s week of media mania has attracted more than just Twitter followers. He has also caught the eye of the Democratic National Committee, which capitalized on Huntsman’s television blitz with an email blast quoting the former governor’s negative comments about the rest of the GOP field. Huntsman was quick to fire back, reminding the DNC via tweet that he has criticized President Obama just as much. Now, both sides have taken to their respective edit rooms, releasing unique takes on Huntsman’s appearances on ABC News’ This Week and CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. On Monday evening, the DNC sent an email to reporters praising Huntsman’s interview with ABC News’ Jake Tapper. “Jon Huntsman served as our best possible surrogate,” they wrote, “reiterating what we already know about the Republican field of presidential candidates: that they have “zero substance,” are “too far to the right,” and can’t be trusted with the economy. In fact, we were so pleased with his message discipline that we decided to put out a web video titled, “Don’t Take It From Us” – enjoy!” The email ended with a warning to Team Huntsman: “P.S.: This 30 second treatment could be coming to a TV screen near you in the near future.” The video, which was embargoed until 5:00 AM Tuesday, contains four clips from Huntsman’s interview with Tapper, each slamming his opponents Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. At the end, a title graphic appears on screen: “Don’t take it from us… Take it from one of their own.” Four hours later, Huntsman’s campaign sent out an email of their own. “Over the weekend Governor Huntsman taped interviews on "This Week" with Jake Tapper filling in for Christiane Amanpour and Piers Morgan Tonight,” wrote Huntsman’s Spokesperson Tim Miller. “Governor Huntsman reiterated what all Americans already know about the Obama Administration - it has failed. We were so pleased with his performance that we released the following web video titled, "Take It From Me." Huntsman’s video, embargoed until 5:00:01 AM, contains four clips, all knocking President Obama. Just like the DNC, Huntsman’s clip ends with a single graphic: “Take It From Me...The President Failed.”

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