Rick Perry Releases First Web Video Touting his Jobs Record

ABC News’ Arlette Saenz (@arlettesaenz) reports:

Rick Perry’s campaign released its first web video, entitled “Rick Perry: Time To Get America Working Again.”

The video is entirely centered around the need for more jobs and touts the governor’s experience and record as possessing the ability to bring a new “hope” to the country.

“Hope is on the horizon, not the empty rhetoric of hope, but a record that gives us hope. That leader is Rick Perry,” the ad says.

“It’s time to get America working again. We need a leader who knows private enterprise not government creates jobs. Someone with proven executive leadership willing to make tough choices on government spending while unleashing the power of American ingenuity and innovation in the private sector. That leader is Rick Perry and the restoration of American jobs and the American dream begins now.”

Perry’s jobs record carries strong appeal for Republicans as the country faces a 9.1% unemployment rate. Texas accounts for 37 percent of all jobs created since the recession.

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