Rick Perry Takes a Shot at Romney Over Mass. Health Care

ABC News’ Arlette Saenz ( @arlettesaenz ) reports:

Texas Governor Rick Perry took a shot at Mitt Romney for the healthcare plan he implemented as governor of Massachusetts, calling it a “failure” and likening it to Obama’s health care plan.

“If some state decides to do something like pass a health care plan that, you know, is kind of like this Obama thing and it's a failure then we kind of go, 'ooh, we don't want to do that,' and that state may have been harmed by it, but the whole nation was not,” Perry told CBN in an exclusive interview.

This is the first hit Perry has taken at a presidential candidate since he announced he’s toying with the idea of a run.

Earlier this week, the Austin-American Statesman reported on a long standing feud between the two governors. In his 2008 book, “On My Honor,” Perry expressed anger with Romney for not allowing the Boy Scouts to volunteer at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

"Several years have gone by," Perry, who was an Eagle Scout himself, wrote, "and neither Mitt Romney nor anyone else who served as an official of the 2002 Winter Olympics has given a clear and logical explanation of why the door to volunteerism was shut."

"We know that Romney, as a political candidate in the politically liberal state of Massachusetts, has parted ways with the Scouts on its policies over the involvement of gay individuals in Scout activities."

The Romney camp has remained quiet about a potential bid by the Texas governor as many speculate Perry’s entrance in the race would affect Romney’s front-runner status.

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