Romney and "The Little Men from Mars

ABC News' Emily Friedman (@EmilyABC) reports:

At a Manchester, N.H., event last night Mitt Romney defended his remarks from earlier this week in which he told a crowd at the Iowa State Fair that "corporations are people too."

Romney, speaking in the backyard of the home of Ovide Lamontagne, a high-profile New Hampshire Republican who has hosted several of the other GOP contenders so far this year at events for his Granite Oath PAC, told ABC affiliate WMUR that his remarks were not inaccurate.

"People deserve the interest of our government, and any time you tax a corporation or a business, you're taxing people at one place or another, so we can't pretend that somehow, there's an entity out there made of steel and concrete and it's going to pay money to the government," Romney said.

Later Romney reiterated his point that "businesses are people" too, despite what democrats might think, in a much funnier way.

“What do they think they are? Little men from Mars?’’ said Romney.

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