Ron Paul on What Sets Him Apart

ABC News' Jason Volack reports:

ABC News caught up with Rep. Ron Paul and asked him about the one clear difference between he and Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has been getting a lot of media attention and, in some polls, is polling ahead of Paul.

“I approach this differently than all the other candidates – Republicans or Democrats," said Paul, R-Texas. "I defend individual liberty in a different way. I am the one that says, 'War, there is too much of it.' They are undeclared. It’s time to end war. I am the one that says, 'I’m sick and tired of this Patriot Act – this pretence to destroy our individual liberties and molest us at the airport.' None of the other candidates are saying that. How many of the other candidates are going to talk about the financial situation and tie it into the reality of the Federal Reserve? Those views are different from other views, and it’s my strong defense of liberty that separates me from other candidates.”

Rep. Paul was joined by his son, Sen. Rand Paul, at a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa. It was the fourth and final campaign stop of the day for the two.

Earlier at the same event, Rand Paul introduced his family and offered a challenge to the family of Mitt Romney, one of his father's rivals for the Republican presidential nomination. Paul said he would like to play a game of baseball against the Romney family in Ames on Saturday.

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