Sarah Palin Calls Vice President Joe Biden's Alleged Terrorist Comment 'Appaling,' 'Vile'

Sheila Marikar reports: Add Sarah Palin to the list of people criticizing Vice President Joe Biden for allegedly saying that conservative tea party lawmakers "acted like terrorists" during the debt-ceiling negotiations.

"I think we're getting kind of used to being called names -- racists, inciters of violence, being accused of things that we having nothing to do with," she said on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show tonight. "I suppose it's a bit more appalling to have been called acting like terrorists by he who is second in command of the most powerful office in the world. It's quite appalling. It proves how out of touch this White House is."

The former Alaska governor and tea party activist added: "To be called a terrorist because of our beliefs from the vice president, it's quite appaling, it's quite vile."

On Monday, Politico reported that Vice President Biden referred to tea party lawmakers as terrorists during a meeting with House Democrats in response to similar comments made by a Pennsylvania democratic congressman Mike Doyle. Asked about the report, a spokeswoman for the vice president told ABC News, "the word was used by several members of Congress. The vice president does not believe it’s an appropriate term in political discourse."

On Susteren's show, Palin went on to lament the current debt deal but called it a "victory" for "tea party patriots."

"Yes, this is a victory because tea party patriots shifted the debate, however there is so much work to do," she said. "I think that we shall take this victory and make sure that our politicans in office today are learning from this victory."

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