Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett Leading the Charge Against Rick Perry

ABC News’ Arlette Saenz ( @arlettesaenz ) reports:

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, hopes to lead the charge against likely presidential candidate Rick Perry on the national scale, exposing what he believes are blemishes on the governor’s record, specifically focusing on his cuts to education funding.

“As he gets his announcement and begins his campaign, it will be essential that Texans travel around the country and help introduce him to people around America,” Doggett told ABC news. “I’m eager to see that he does not mess with America the way he has messed with Texas.”

The Texas legislature was able to balance its budget and preserve $6 billion in its rainy day fund this year by making cuts to social services and slashing $4 billion in funding to the Texas public education system, an action Doggett calls “extreme.”

“Increasingly in Texas people have realized that the school being targeted,” Doggett said. “Over the long haul, Texas will not be competitive if it does not have a strong educational system from pre-k to post grad, and Governor Perry has started the process of weakening that system.”

Thousands of teachers in Texas are losing their jobs due to the education funding cuts as students return to school this fall.

Doggett, who faces re-election in a new district in 2012 after the Republican legislature redrew the lines for his district in an attempt to force him out, also takes issue with Perry’s job creating tactics, saying his techniques involve taking jobs from other states and moving them to Texas.

“Mr. Perry cannot bring more jobs by taking jobs from one state and moving them to another which is his method. Basically his argument is that he can provide lower taxes here than anywhere else,” Doggett said. “His approach is to provide minimal level of public service and a minimal level of taxes. That might work to attract other businesses but it’s not a way to spur the economy of the United States as a whole.”

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