Emmy Award Cites ABC's Iraq Poll

ABC News last night received the second Emmy award to cite its public opinion polling in Iraq.

ABC’s "Iraq: Where Things Stand" coverage of March 2007 was honored as "Best Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast" at the annual awards ceremony of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in New York. It was one of four Emmys for ABC News this year.

ABC won a 2005 news Emmy – the first Emmy to cite a public opinion poll – for its "Iraq: Where Things Stand" coverage in April 2004. An ABC poll previously was cited in an Emmy nomination for a 2003 report, "Critical Condition: Healthcare in America," which included an extensive survey of Americans’ attitudes on health care issues.

The March 2007 survey in Iraq, conducted just in advance of the surge of U.S. forces, painted a devastating portrait of life there, with accounts of widespread violence, displaced families, emotional damage, collapsing services and an ever-starker sectarian chasm. The survey was conducted Feb. 25-March 5, 2007, for ABC and its partners USA Today, the BBC and the German network ARD, with in-person interviews of a random national sample of 2,212 Iraqi adults. Field work was by D3 Systems of Vienna, Va., and KA Research Ltd. of Istanbul.

In addition to reporting the poll results on its television and radio networks, ABC's coverage on ABCNews.com included a detailed poll analysis, a summary of field worker journals, photos from the field and methodological disclosure.

ABC, with media partners, has followed with two additional polls in Iraq, one reported in September 2007 and another in March. It's sponsored five polls there overall, as well as three in Afghanistan. ABC's 2005 polls in Iraq and Afghanistan won the inaugural Iowa Gallup Award for Excellent Journalism Using Polls, from the University of Iowa School of Journalism and The Gallup Organization; and the 2006 National Council on Public Polls award for Excellence in Media Coverage of Polls.

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