Emmy Nomination for ABC News Polls in Afghanistan & Iraq

Reports based on a pair of ABC News polls in Afghanistan and Iraq last year were nominated today for an Emmy award for outstanding continuing coverage of a news story.

The reports aired in February and March 2009 on ABC's World News Tonight and Good Morning America Weekend as part of the network's ongoing “Where Things Stand” series, supported by detailed, in-person, random-sample surveys of more than 1,500 adults in Afghanistan and 2,200 in Iraq.

Their results were dramatically different: In Afghanistan, with violence on the rise, development stalled and the Taliban resurgent, the survey found Afghans increasingly dismayed with the presence and performance of Western forces in their country. In Iraq, to the contrary, the clouds were breaking; a two-year spiral into sectarian violence had been checked, the public’s despair turning finally to hopes for a better future.

The nomination, announced by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, is the eighth since 2004 to recognize reports involving ABC News polls, one for a 2003 survey on health care, six for surveys in Iraq and today’s for work in Afghanistan and Iraq alike.

ABC has gone on to win two Emmys for its Iraq poll reporting, in 2005 – the first Emmy to cite a public opinion poll – and again in 2008. Earlier this year, the American Association for Public Opinion Research gave its 2010 Policy Impact Award to ABC News and its international media partners for their reporting on the full six-year series of “Where Things Stand” surveys.

ABC’s 2005 polls in Iraq and Afghanistan won the inaugural Iowa Gallup Award for Excellent Journalism Using Polls from the University of Iowa School of Journalism and The Gallup Organization, and the 2006 award for Excellence in Media Coverage of Polls from the National Council on Public Polls.

Last year's Afghanistan survey was conducted for ABC News and its partners the BBC and ARD German TV with field work by ACSOR, the Afghan Center for Socio-Economic and Opinion Research in Kabul. The Iraq poll was done for ABC News, the BBC and the Japanese broadcaster NHK, with field work by D3 Systems of Vienna, Va., and KA Research Ltd. of Istanbul.

Individuals cited in today’s nomination include Correspondents Terry McCarthy and Martha Raddatz; Executive Producers Jon Banner and Andrew Morse; Senior Producers Kate Felsen, Matthew Frucci and Tom Nagorski; Senior Producer and Director of Polling Gary Langer; and Producers Richard Coolidge, Angus Hines, Audrey Taylor and Caren Zucker.

Emmy winners will be announced Sept. 27 in an awards ceremony at the Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center in New York.

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