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Los Angeles-based producer Arash Ghadishah blogs:

You couldn't help but feel for Paris Hilton today. The hotel heiress was seemingly caught in a power struggle between a Los Angeles judge and sheriff over how she should serve a sentence for driving on a suspended license. The judge's ruling won out and Hilton was remanded back into a Los Angeles prison.

Hilton endured a roller coaster ride to a circus environment this morning. She was ordered back to court just one day after being released from a detention facility. The heiress was reassigned to house arrest by the LA Sheriff’s department after serving just a couple of days of her forty five day sentence. The move ran afoul of an order by superior court judge Michael Sauer who specifically ordered that Hilton should serve her entire sentence in jail. Late yesterday Sauer ordered Hilton and a Sheriff’s representative to appear for today's hearing on the matter.

ABC News was told by the court's public information office early today that Hilton would be permitted to appear this morning from her home by phone. But once again, Judge Sauer was having none of it, and ordered the Sheriff's department to pick up Hilton.

In and out of prison, and potentially in, then out, then back in again to court, Hilton's has been on an unpredictable ride. The drama over where Hilton would appear and how she would arrive only added to the media storm forming around her story. News choppers and reporters descended on her home, and a crush of cameras greeted her in the court.

Inside the courtroom more than fifty reporters watched as she fought back tears throughout the proceeding. Hilton was shaking at times and clearly distraught as attorneys and judge Sauer discussed her mental state.

Though prosecutors said that Hilton should be treated like any other defendant, the judge could not refrain from repeatedly discussing in open court the excessive media coverage of the event. He even used the proceeding to express his displeasure over one celebrity news outlet's characterization of him as "irate."

Judge Sauer was most upset by the Sheriff, who had reassigned Hilton to home confinement against his orders, and without filing any motion on the matter with court. It was Hilton who paid the price. The judge ordered that she return immediately to prison. With that news, Hilton broke down, screaming and crying for her mother as she was helped from the courtroom and back to jail.

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