Alberto Gonzales & The Hiring Scandal

The Justice Department officials who used politics to decide who to hire…are not going to be prosecuted.  Attorney General Michael Mukasey broke the news today.  This was one of the controversies that eventually led to the resignation of Alberto Gonzales.

From ABC's Pierre Thomas:

Attorney General Michael Mukasey today came as close as he ever has in criticizing his predecessor, Alberto Gonzales. Mukasey is clearly not happy that two recent internal investigations have shown that politics played a roll in hiring career lawyers and personnel in department programs that were supposed to be based solely on merit.

Mukasey, a man who doesn't seek the limelight, had this to say about the senior management which allowed these problems to fester:"There was a failure of supervision by senior officials in the Department" Mukasey said. "There is no denying it: the system failed. The active wrong-doing detailed in the two joint reports was not systemic in that only a few people were directly implicated in it. But the failure was systemic in that the system – the institution – failed to check the behavior of those who did wrong."

Mukasey knows that at the Justice Department politics is no substitute for integrity.

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