Hank Williams Jr. Serenades McCain, Palin

ABC News' Kate Snow and Imtiyaz Delawala report: Hank Williams Jr. sure knows how to get a crowd going.

On a small stage in the middle of a sea of red t-shirts at the Richmond International Raceway in Virginia this afternoon, Williams stood a few feet from Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin to sing the Star Spangled Banner.  But it was his next song that was a surefire hit in this conservative crowd.

Watch the video.

"The left wing liberal media … most American people don't believe 'em anyway you see," Williams intoned.

The tune seemed to be entitled "The McCain-Palin tradition" and was sung to the tune of Williams' song "Family tradition," a song with lyrics about drinking and smoking marijuana.  No lyrics for the new song were immediately available from the campaign.

"They're not gonna blink. They’re gonna fix this country cause they're just like you and old hank," Williams sang of McCain and Palin.

And later of Palin: "How can you be so smart and be such a good lookin' dish?"

The song compares Palin to a "momma bear in Idaho" protecting her cubs, ready to protect America.

This morning at a rally in Virginia Beach, reporters thought they heard Williams sing: "They're not gonna blink.  They don't have terrorist friends to whom their careers are linked."  But the press corps was further away and could not hear the song clearly.

Williams did not appear to say the word "terrorist" at the Richmond event.

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