Report Warns Votes Will Be Supressed in Key Swing States

ABC's Law and Justice Unit reports:

A study just released by a reputable voting rights group called the Advancement Project, reveals that in swing states like Virginia, Ohio and Missouri some predominantly African American precincts have far fewer machines per voter than do nearby white precincts.  It's a situation that threatens to drive down the minority vote and skew the election's outcome during a year when unprecedented numbers of blacks have a powerful incentive to flock to the polls. The report also criticizes many counties and cities in those states for lacking enough voting machines, privacy booths and poll workers generally to handle all the voters expected on Election Day.

One of the harshest criticisms of the 2000 and 2004 elections was that lack of voting machines caused interminable lines and low turnout in minority precincts in Florida and other battle ground states. So you would think that this year, with record registration among minorities, the states would be prepared. Wrong.

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