The Obama's Other Firsts

ABC's Nancy Gabriner from New York:

We all know that Barack Obama is the first African-American elected president but also:

Barack Obama will be:

First President born in Hawaii.

Third President representing Illinois (after Lincoln & Grant)

Third sitting Senator to be elected President. (Harding & Kennedy)

Barack Obama will be the 7th president to be left-handed. He likes to say he is "left-handed and right-minded."

Obama is the first Democrat to win over 51 percent of vote since 1964 when Lyndon Johnson received 61.1% (Obama currently has 52% of vote)

Barack and Michelle Obama will be the second team of husband & wife lawyers (After the Clintons.) The Clintons both graduated from Yale. The Obamas both graduated from Harvard.

Barack Obama will be 47 yrs (and 169 days) old when inaugurated. There have been 4 presidents who were younger: Clinton, Grant, Kennedy and T. Roosevelt.

Michelle Obama will be 45 yrs. old when her husband is inaugurated. There were 10 First Ladies who were younger.

Frances Cleveland was 21 yrs. old when she became First Lady.

Sasha Obama, 7 yrs. old, will be the youngest child to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. (Amy Carter was 9 yrs. old when her father was inaugurated.)

Barack Obama is the second president in a row to have 2 daughters. Four presidents have had 2 daughters: George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and William McKinley.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the second team of sitting senators to become President and Vice-President. The first was John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson – elected in 1960.

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