700 Miles Down, 740 to Go

ABC News' Gina Sunseri reports:

Nikki Lecompte’s journey from Houston to the  inauguration of Barack Obama with her family took her first to her hometown of New Orleans, which she fled after Hurricane Katrina. 

It still breaks her heart to see what is left of her grandmother’s home, which was condemned after the flooding.  She can’t look at the house without crying.

While this journey brings her hope, it also is a journey through history. She traveled through Selma, then Montgomery, and then it will be on through Atlanta, names that mean so much in African American history.

She is halfway through her 1,444-mile odyssey, a trip in a car packed with as many warm clothes as she could find, and five children who will witness history and one day they will tell their children and grandchildren what they witnessed.

She has no tickets, and knows she and her children will be packed into a crowd of millions. She knows she may not even see Barack Obama being sworn in, but she hopes to hear his voice, and remember words of a speech she believes will change her world.

Lecompte is a single mother who was laid off from her job. She is an evacuee from New Orleans who survived Katrina, and has done her best to build a new life in Houston -– a life, she believes, that will be better because Obama will be the next president.      The family has 700 miles down, and 740 to go on its journey to the inauguration.

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