Obama-Bound Family Past Alabama, Atlanta ...

ABC News' Gina Sunseri reports:

It is a rainy drizzly morning leaving Montgomery, Ala., where Nikki Lecompte, her family and ABC News passed on their way from Houston to Washington for the Tuesday's inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

The clerk at the motel where we spent the night is from Washington, and she is debating getting in the car and heading toward D.C. with us for the inauguration. 

It’s tough for Nikki Lecompte to get her four children up and dressed and fed and packed up and loaded into the car, but eventually they hit the road excited that tonight they will arrive at their destination.

She would have liked to stop in Atlanta to take her children to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, but there is no time.   Perhaps on the trip back. 

They have a place to stay now -– a cousin who lives in Virginia has offered to put them up.  We have traveled 876 miles on our 1,444 mile journey.

To learn more about Lecompte and why she felt compelled to make the trip to Obama's inauguration, CLICK HERE.

For her reflections on passing through New Orleans, where she endured Hurricane Katrina, CLICK HERE.

For more on her departure from Houston, CLICK HERE.

Here is a video about her trip from "World News" Saturday:

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