Congress Just Made It Harder To Buy A Chimp

ABC News' Kate Felsen from NY:

It's been just a week since a 200 pound Chimpanzee named Travis mauled a woman in Stamford, Connecticut. And already, Congress is making it harder for you to buy a chimp. (Might you be asking, as I am, is this the most urgent matter for Congress to attend to while our economy is in crisis?) Well today, the House of Representatives voted 323-95 to ban the transport of monkeys and apes across state lines for the purpose of selling them as pets. Currently, 30 states allow people to keep primates in their homes and some 400 chimps are family pets today, according to Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore).   

Travis's victim, Charla Nash, remains in a medically induced coma, a potential candidate for a face transplant. Her family has been gathering photographs to send to the Cleveland Clinic to help doctors who are considering the surgery for Nash.

As for Travis himself, he was shot and killed by police while on his rampage. The 14 year-old chimp, who starred in TV commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola had lived the good life. His owner, Sandra Herold, fed him lobster, cheesecake, steaks and wine. In return, Travis combed her hair.

If you would like to read the bill yourself, here's a link: The bill is H.R. 80. Congress:

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