What's Bad for Girl Scouts is Good for Snuggie

The headline this morning is a stunner.  Orders of Girl Scout cookies are way down.  Worry is winning out over nostalgia.  Thin mints are thinning.  Call it "recession discretion".  Another piece today talks about people dropping cigarettes (expensive!) for the good old fashioned pipe (comfort smoke).  Sales for the Snuggie -- that cuddly, comfortable, monk blanket sweater thing -- are way up.  In fact these are sweet times for infomercial products in general.  Air time is cheaper so the infomercials are gobbling up the chance to hawk their budget conscious wares.  Goodwill stores are crowded while Madison Avenue has emptied.  What else?  Are there little things you're holding back on?  Other things that you're bullish on?  Tell us.

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