Would You Want Google To Know Where You Are?

Today the tech giant Google releases its latest venture.  It's called Google Latitude.  If you have a smart phone or a Blackberry, you can have your whereabouts tracked on Google Maps.  In other words, friends and family can follow your movements around town. 

Good for tech geeks, perhaps parents wanting to keep a virtual eye on a teen, maybe employers will use it to track their delivery people. 

And then there are the privacy issues that rise it seems whenever there is an online innovation.  Google says there is a very clear opt in option, so a user knows when there trail is being monitored.  Don't want be public about where you're headed, simply opt out. 

It is unclear how popular this feature will be.  Other attempts at online tracking haven't really caught on.  In fact Google itself just retired a service called Dodgeball which let cell phone users flag friends of their whereabouts.  We'll see.   

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