Police Stop NFL Player Racing to Loved One's Deathbed

ABC's Tom Johnson from New York:

Are there times in life when you're excused from normal traffic rules?  Is there a time when it's OK to speed?  Cut a red light? 

In Dallas NFL player Ryan Moats may have found himself in one of those moments.  Only a Dallas police officer didn't see it that way. 

Moats was racing his wife to the hospital after they received a call from doctors saying her mother was dying.  The hospital said there was little time to spare. 

In the early morning hours Moats came up to a red light and drove through it.  A police officer spotted the violation and pulled him over.  The heated exchange that ensued was caught on the officer's dashboard camera.  Our Dallas affiliate WFAA obtained the footage -- you can see it here

Moats' wife got out the car and began to head into the hospital. 

"Get in there," the officer yelled to Tanisha Moats, "Let me see your hands." 

"Excuse me, my mom is dying," she said, "do you understand?"

The officer asked Ryan Moats for insurance.  Moats couldn't produce it.   

"Listen, if I can't verify you have insurance..." the officer said. "My mother-in-law is dying," Moats replied. 

The officer:  "Shut your mouth."  "You can either settle down and cooperate or I can just take you to jail for running a red light."

Moats' wife made it in time to see her mother just before she passed away.  Moats and his wife's father did not.  Their interaction with the officer cost them 13 minutes.  13 critical minutes.  The officer has been placed on desk duty.

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