The NFL Couple Talk About Their Dallas Run In

Last week we blogged about Ryan Moats and his run in with a police officer in Dallas.  Moats -- who is an NFL player - was racing his wife to the hospital after being told her mother had only moments to live.  They were pulled over for blowing a red light.  The verbal battle between them and the officer was caught on tape.  The officer did not want to let them go into the hospital despite the circumstances.  There was some pretty outraged responses on our blog over this. 

Today, Good Morning America spoke with Ryan Moats and his wife:  "When you're in a situation like that you don't think how serious it is," Tamishia Moats said.  "He could have shot me. He was pointing the gun at me and saying don't take another step." "When I got out, I thought, if I explain it to him, maybe he will understand," Ryan Moats said. "I was thinking maybe he could walk up with me and let me say my good byes. I didn't have a problem with paying the ticket."

Tamishia Moats made it in time to the hospital room.  Ryan did not. 

The officer - who was officially punished - put out a written statement admitting to showing "poor judgment".  Tamishia Moats responded this way:  "It would be comforting if we heard an apology directly from him," she said. "But we definitely would accept his apology because, you know, he's a human being."

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