Bernie Madoff's New Home

ABC's Tom Johnson from New York:

Today, in a packed courtroom, Bernie Madoff learned his fate.  His fate that is for the next couple of months.  He has pled guilty to 11 counts of all sorts of terrifically awful financial scams.  The judge has ruled that Madoff must go directly to jail to await his sentencing in a couple of months.  The other option was to send him home to his much maligned penthouse apartment until sentenced. 

Madoff is now headed down the block from the courthouse to the Metropolitan Correctional Center.  The photo you see is a "typical" cell in that facility.  We're told by the prison that prisoners there eat "military-style" food and get "three square meals a day".  He won't wear an orange uniform, rather khaki shirt and pants.

Here is what a typical day for Madoff would be like:

6:00 AM - Lights on

6:30 AM - Breakfast

7:45 AM - Work call (only if they are designated to MCC to serve their sentence.  This does NOT apply to pre-trial inmates)

11:00 AM - Lunch

3:30 PM - End of work day (see remarks for 7:45 AM)

5:00 PM - Dinner

11:00 PM - Lights out

Activities?  Ping pong, there is a library and yes, there is some outdoor recreation. 

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