When a $43 Mil Pre-Nup Is Not Enough

ABC's Stu Schutzman from New York:

“Stupid is as stupid does,” opined Forrest Gump famously.  He has a point.  Here are some who definitely do.

Marie Douglass-David, soon to be ex-wife of United Technologies CEO George David, is due $43 million in their divorce settlement thanks to the couple’s pre-nup agreement. Pretty good deal, no? Not for Marie. She’s asking for $100 million fearing she’ll run thru $43 mil in only 16 years.  Marie says she needs $53 thousand dollars a week just to exist. That’s not a typo. The median household income in the US is about $50 thousand a year.

In court papers, the 36 year old Swedish Countess lists a New York apartment and 3 houses in her native Sweden which all need upkeep. She says she needs among other of life’s little luxuries, $ 8 thousand for travel, $45 hundred for clothes, $15 hundred to eat out, $1 thousand for hair and skin treatments and $7 hundred for her limo. In these hard times and amid all the fooferaw surrounding those bailout bonuses, how stupid is this? Her husband makes big ticket items including air conditioners, elevators and helicopters. He better figure out a way to sell a lot of them.

Maria Boothe gave birth to a baby boy this morning. 7 pound Caesar Boothe was born during rush hour under the arrivals sign at New York’s Penn Station.  Why?—herein lies the tale. Early this morning in their East Orange, New Jersey home, Maria informed her husband Jonathan that she was going into labor.  Did the couple head for a local hospital—No! Did they call 911—No! What they did was board an Amtrak train bound for Manhattan where they planned to catch a subway to a hospital in the Bronx. Ah the best laid plans….They made it as far as Penn station where “my wife was like Jonathan I can’t wait, I’m going to have the baby now. So I’m like no no no please.” But have the baby she did right there in the station. New York’s Finest aided in the delivery as hundreds of commuters looked on. “I was like in shock,” said Jonathan. “I couldn’t believe it like wow this is my first time.” Shocking!  As for mom—“all I was thinking,” said Maria, “was to get the baby out……I just wanted the baby out so I could feel better for myself.” What other adventures in parenting must await the Boothes? As for the newborn—Hail Caesar…sounds like you’ll need it.

And finally, dateline Milwaukee.  2 thieves knock over local jewelry store, get away with gems and cash. Heist of the century?--Not quite, but it gets better albeit a little complicated.  As the thieves left the store they were accosted by 2 other thieves who saw them enter, figured out what they were up to, proceeded to rob them of the cash and gems and took off in a get-away car. The 2 original thieves, not to be out done,  got in their get-away car and gave chase.  Police then joined the chase and finally hauled them all in. One problem—the loot was nowhere to be found…….”Stupid is as stupid does.” 

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