Obamas Hunt for an Easter Church

ABC News' David Wright reports from Washington:

Easter Sunday is coming up, one of the two times a year when churches tend to be full.  So will the Obamas attend an Easter service this year?

President Obama has not been to church since he took office -- 11 Sundays! -- despite telling ABC News he looked forward to getting to know the churches in the D.C. area.  Plenty of pastors here in D.C. would love to have him in their flock.   

Last May, when he quit the Trinity United Church of Christ under less than happy circumstances, he said he'd probably pick a new church in January once he knew where he'd be living.  Of course, then he was still trying to put to rest those nasty internet rumors questioning his faith.

Granted, he's been  busy. Granted, he wouldn't be the first President to forgo Sunday worship.  (Reagan did so too, saying the security hooplah was too disruptive for local parishioners).  But Obama is well aware of the holidays, hosting a White House seder tonight for the second night of Passover.

So this Sunday of all Sundays, the pressure is on!  Will the Obama family attend an Easter service?  And if so, where?

Today, the Washington Times newspaper reports that White House aides and friends of the Obama family have been quietly checking out a dozen or so churches in the DC area, essentially vetting the pastors and congregations and reporting back to the Obamas.  This, according to "one White House source familiar with the search." 

The same source suggested to the Times that the President will attend an Easter service this Sunday, but has yet to make a final decision which church he'll join.

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