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"I think we can respect the Second Amendment and still have reasonable gun legislation that looks at juveniles with handguns or people buying and owning assault weapons. These are things that we as a country need to tackle and we as a state need to tackle. But let's face it; gun violence is senseless. The number of shootings and mass killings we have had over the past weeks and months bring back memories of our own tragedy [at Columbine]." -- Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, asked about gun control and the Columbine attacks, which were carried out ten years ago today

"In Obama's state, government never supplants the market or stifles its inner workings -- the old forms of statism that didn't wash economically, and certainly not politically. But government does aggressively prod markets--by planting incentives, by stirring new competition--to achieve the results he prefer." Franklin Foer and Noam Scheiber, in The New Republic.

"Regulation should not prevent innovation; rather it should ensure that innovations are sufficiently transparent and understandable to allow consumer choice to drive good market outcomes … We should be wary of complexity whose principal effect is to make the product or service more difficult to understand by its intended audience." -- Ben Bernanke, Chairman Federal Reserve

"If this security continues, within a year all the waiters will be girls." - Farat Brahim, customer in Baghdad's The Nights of Abu Musa Bar, bustling again as Iraq's capital grows more secure ( quoted in The New York Times)

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