Recession Hitting Home?

As world leaders are gathering in London to tackle the global financial crisis, millions of American families are saying that the recession is taking its toll.  In the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, 61 percent of Americans say they are under economic stress -- and a third call the stress serious.   

Americans are struggling -- 63 percent of Americans say they've cut back -- spending less on everything from eating out, to vacations and activities for their children. Some say that cutbacks are not only affecting their lifestyle, but turning life upside down.

Charlene and Tom Vanmeer lost their jobs at a factory in Michigan that makes car seats. "We've had to cut back on going out to eat. I mean, things as simple as getting the dog groomed," she said. "We have to save up to go to the movies."

How is the recession affecting you and your family? How are you coping?

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