Did the French President Snub Queen Elizabeth?

ABC's Joe Simonetti reports from London:

Sacre bleu! Did One’s invitation get lost in the mail or was never sent??

That’s the question swirling around Buckingham Palace after several British news reports indicated that French President Nicholas Sarkozy didn’t invite Queen Elizabeth to next week's 65th anniversary to the D-Day in Normandy.

Odd because Queen Elizabeth is the only head of state who served in World War Two who won't be present. She has marked other anniversaries in the past with her presence at both the 50th and 60th anniversaries. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Obama will both be there on June 6th which makes it all the more puzzling why the Queen won’t be crossing the Channel to attend.

The French government have denied any faux pas with a spokesman quoted in Le Parisien newspaper saying an invitation was extended to Gordon Brown. And it is the Prime minister who is to blame for the oversight. A British tabloid also backs up this claim.

Or has the love affair ended between Monsieur Sarkozy and the Queen?? It was only 14 months ago when the French president and his glamorous wife, Carla Bruni swept into London amid great fanfare (he had just married Bruni, his third wife) and declared the relationship between France and Britain had “never been so close.”

Or maybe it's just the British press making a mountain out of a moules hill?

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