Che Guevara's Granddaughter Poses Half Naked for PETA

ABC's Efty Katsareas reports from London:

In a PETA campaign scheduled to launch in October, Che Guevara’s 24 year-old granddaughter, Lydia, poses half naked with the tag line ‘join the vegetarian revolution.’

The bearded image of the Argentinian-born Marxist has been featured on t-shirts, hats and posters on university campuses across the world for decades. In ‘ Che: Part 1 & 2’ released in 2008, Steven Soderbergh gave us a four-and-a-half hour biopic (that’s a half-day’s work) exploring Che’s contribution to the Cuban revolution. Big names including Benicio del Toro and Julia Ormond were recruited by the Hollywood director. Released four years earlier, the hugely popular ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ recounted Che’s (born Ernesto Guevara) trip across South America and propelled its young Mexican protagonist, Gael Garcia Bernal, into stardom.

Now, PETA’s first South American campaign starring Che’s grand-daughter proves once again that the Che name has world wide appeal.

The campaign is expected to hit Argentina this October in the form of magazine advertisements and posters. It features a tanned, shirtless Lydia wearing only a red beret and camouflage pants. Across her chest, she is strapped with a bandoleer of carrot cartridges and her closed fist points upwards in homage to her famous grandfather. Apparently, the animal rights organization PETA contacted Guevara after finding out she’s a committed vegetarian.

Music legend and vegetarian Paul McCartney has taken up PETA’s cause against the fast-food giant KFC after accusations that the company was mistreating chickens. Hollywood celebrities Forest Whittaker and Alicia Silverstone have also joined PETA’s cause.

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