She's Got Farrah Fawcett Hair

ABC's Kristi Berner reports from New York:

Shortly after the bicentennial celebrations of the summer of 1976, Farrah Fawcett-Majors burst onto the scene as one-third of TV’s “Charlie’s Angels” crime-fightingt trio. Then married to “The Six Million Dollar Man” star Lee Majors, Farrah set off -- like fireworks -- some trends that reeled in both men and women (and girls and boys) around the country.

All the girls in my 3rd grade class begged our mothers for “feathered” hair just like Farrah, and most of us got some version of the cut eventually. The only problem was learning to use the curling iron (hot! hot!) to make it stay in place.

World News producer Sean Smith says as an 11-year-old boy he had Farrah’s famous dampened red-bathing suit poster tacked on a wall above his bed for a few years. “She was so hot,” he says, “I was like ‘Wow!’ girls.” Most of Sean’s friends had the poster too, he says.

The numbers back Sean up… it’s reported more than eight-million copies of the iconic Farrah poster were sold in the late ‘70’s. And Farrah’s fresh face and flowing blond hair helped sell numerous products in addition to posters , including shampoo, wigs, T-shirts, lunch boxes and even a novelty plumbing device called “Farrah’s faucet.”

RIP Farrah.

For more on Farrah’s life watch this story from today’s World News webcast:

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