Hillary Clinton: Healed and Traveling to Site of Terror Attack

ABC's Kirit Radia reports:

Secretary of State Clinton departed Thursday for her first trip abroad since falling and breaking her elbow last month. The injury caused her to miss President Obama's recent overseas trip as well as one of her own, which did little to quell recent speculation that she has lost the foreign policy limelight in an administration chock-full of international relations heavyweights.

Clinton appeared without a sling for the first time earlier this week, though she still shook hands with her uninjured left hand and continues physical training several times a week.

On Thursday, she struck back at those who say she has been sidelined from the administration's foreign policy after she lost battles to choose some ambassadors and staff.

"I broke my elbow, not my larynx," Clinton said. "I have been consistently involved in the shaping and implementation of our foreign policy, and I am off to India and Thailand."

On Friday, Clinton will arrive in Mumbai where a deadly and destructive terror attack occurred last November.

She'll then move on to New Delhi, where she'll engage her counterparts. Matters of recent contention will be discussed including climate change, trade and nonproliferation.

She'll then travel to regional meetings in Thailand, where North Korea and Burma will be hot topics.

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