Will Governor Sanford Step Down?

The chorus calling for South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford to resign appears to be growing. Yesterday the Governor gave an interview to the Associated Press in which he said the women from Argentina with whom he had an affair was his soul mate. He also revealed that he had relations (but was not sexually intimate) with a handful of other women. “This was a whole lot more than a simple affair, that it's a love story ... a forbidden one, a tragic one, but a love story at the end of the day,” Sanford said about his relationship with the woman from Argentina. He went on to say: “If I personally end up with some life questions that I need to get answered in my own way so that when I meet my maker and when I'm in that last dying breath, and I weigh the costs and say, to me and everybody's got their own value system, but to me, even if it's a place I could never go, if I wanted to know that I knew that I knew, if that's more important to me than running for president, that's my prerogative as a human being."

Some high profile state senators have released the following statement:

"Crisis requires people in leadership positions to act decisively, with as much dispassionate wisdom and judgment as possible.

Governor Sanford has imposed a crisis upon our state. As members of the Senate, we have a duty to the people of South Carolina to do what is in their best interests.

We therefore have concluded that Governor Mark Sanford must resign his office. He has lost the trust of the people and the legislature to lead our state through historically difficult times.

South Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Tens of thousands of South Carolinians cannot find jobs.

Necessary budget cuts have weakened public education and other vital services.

We must have strong leadership from a Governor who is focused and trusted.

Governor Sanford is neither."

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