Yo Quiero Taco Bell No More -- Famous Chihuahua Dies

The dog that put chihuahuas on the map has died more than 10 years after she first became a Taco Bell spokesdog. From the very first “Yo Quiero Taco Bell,” the tiny 12-pound pooch was a hit. Traveling by limo and first-class in planes, she appeared in countless adds for the fast-food chain. Her popularity spawned a number of catchphrases including “drop the chalupa,” and a line of t-shirts and dolls were designed after her.

Gidget's trainer, Sue Chipperton, says she tried to shield the pup from the mobs who recognized her as the Taco Bell dog. Chipperton did her best to keep Gidget as normal as possible and expected her to follow commands and walk on her own.

Taco Bell released a statement in response to Gidget’s death saying, “We enjoyed working with Gidget and she will be missed by many. Our deepest sympathies go out to her owners and fans.”

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