Do You Know These Men?

Quick, when we say, "Noordin Mohammad Top", you say...?

How about "Baitullah Mehsud"?

Well, it's OK. Don't feel bad. There were people in the newsroom who weren't (aren't) sure, either.

Those two men are believed to rank among the most dangerous terrorists operating in the world today.

Mehsud, you may have heard by now, is believed to have been killed in a CIA drone attack Wednesday. U.S. and Pakistani officials are cheering the news -- given that Mehsud was held responsible for the killing of more than a thousand Pakistanis, for attacks on Americans in Afghanistan, and for the assasination of Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto a year and a half ago. His death would deal a severe blow to the Taliban in Pakistan.

As for Noordin Mohammad Top, he is a suspect in a number of terror attacks in Indonesia, including the bombing of two Jakarta hotels last month. And today police in central Java believe they have Noordin surrounded. At last report a gun battle was raging at the site.

A rough couple of days -- for a couple of dangerous men.

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